May 23, 2013

Keynote about Google I/O 2013 - Ingress

Technology can bring us together but they can also isolate us if the technology isn't developed right and we spent more and more time at home or at night playing with virtual friends but not really rubbing shoulders with real people. We don't need to be tied to a desk by technology. Technology should help further our needs in our goals as humans.

One of the foundational mission of Ingress is "get people off the couch" which become an epidemic in many developed countries. Ingress can also reconnect you with your local community and this is an example that technology can bring us together (not stuck in your chair).

I'm agree with that. 6 month already exploring the Ingress, I got some new friends from local area. Ingress make me walk around my town, exploring what I've never know before about sclupture, historical/non-historical statue and places in my town. Ingress will not take so much of your time if you know the main principle of this game.

Currently I'm a part of resistance in Malang and I'm seeking a new resistance agent in my town. Is that you? Who knows and of course, the choice is yours. I have 2 invitation left for you if you want to help me. Leave your comments guys.