October 24, 2010

Life pressure?

What do you think about today's life (still in this lovely Earth :p)? Have you ever compare your life today and yesterday? Or have you ever compared your life in this century and last century? Hmm, what it'll be like if we live in last century.

Last week (again), one of my Zhong Wen lecturers in my university told me about his life. He is older than me, and he said that "today's life is different with my life in 80's or 90's". What is the difference? He said that, long time ago, his family was so poor. It was very hard to obtain money, and he said that it was very rare to had a new clothes. "I can get a new clothes only when new year comes", he said.  But surprisingly, he said "Although life is hard in the past, but I can feel and understand what is happiness". Why? "Because in the past, although we were poor, but we could enjoy our life, no pressure. Today, it is very different. I still remember, my parents work hard to get money, so I can go to school and learn to become  your teacher. My parents work very hard so I can get a job. Where is the happiness? Today, the pressure is very big.", he explained.

Yeah, i think it is right, today's life is not easy. Happiness, that is the key! We must find our happiness in this life. Keep go on, with God, everything is possible! God bless!