December 15, 2010


Haha, hello everybody, long time no see. And what time is it..? Again, another year has passed, and now I'm 20 (tuenti). (0_o) Okay, everything will be alright, yes? :) So, what does it means? It means, I need to change!

So many mistakes in the past year and I don't need an eraser to erase it. All that i need to do is learn from my mistakes. This year will be a great year again for me. :) Thanks to God, thanks for Your guidance. I know, God always guide me through every obstacles in my life, and His way of teaching was so amazing+unpredictable. Amazing God. Change me God, to be Your children who can serve you better.

Thanks to grandma, dad and mom, for everything that you've done in my life. Thanks to brother and sister who always support me. Thanks to connie, you always know how to make my birthday exciting. And thanks to all of my friend. 

Ok, maybe some of you don't understand why the subject above is UDuPu? I'm gonna tell you now!
UDuPu stands for Umur Dua Puluh and it means I'm twenty.
Happy birthday to me! God bless you all! :)