August 3, 2010

June+July, it's a holiday!

Hello again! Hahaha, feel something different? Yap, I start to write my blog in English. I've thought to start using my English in this blog. I know my English is not good and I still need more practice. But someone told me that I will never learn something if I never make a mistake before! Yes, I must try it! Hmm, how about you? Yes, I mean you, who read this post! Hmm, how about helping me to learn English better? Whenever I make a mistake (grammar,vocab,etc), please leave a comment so I can learn something from it and I will update it.

I'm sorry because I enjoyed my holiday in this semester, uh oh, i forget to update my blog. Yeah, I'll have my first class in this semester at August 23. A year ago, everything has begun! That's why I feel my holiday is different. I have something to do, I have someone who care about me! Although there is a distance, I don't care, because I can do it, I can do everything with You and with you. Yeah! 1 year again from now! Hoho, I can't wait. Good luck and I'll always waiting for you, Connie! :) Ganbatte!